Min söta kyckling uggla!<3

It's comming soon

'' im sitting here waiting for you.. im hoping for you to come soon. Oh spring please be here''

Retro light

''the light is danger''

just sparkle

set the time on morning so i can wake up from this nightmare

''If i feel pain, this is the reallity''

try to find the light

''try to find it but dont go to the light, you just need to find it to destroy it''

See or be blind.. See the truth is very important

'' why will you never look in my eyes''

scratch the surface

''Open and see whats inside''

dark forest

''its there, just right there''

''nobody knows...but me''

paper towel, paper flower

Old picture gives me memories

gammal bild på mig när jag avslutar högstadiet


''Fly up not down..''

happy in the clouds

''Can the mon hear me?''

Please just let me out

no knobs
no hands
no door
just nothing
just darkness
please let me out
light find me

gammla utbilder från min gammla arkiv

Jag får vell bjuda på't lite!

Min utsikt från mitt rum

''Up in the clous and where higher than ever''

flowers are beautiful to look at but that's the only thing the are good for

There beauty will always fall into pieces in the end

Foto av Behnaz

My oh my , an angel flew by

my abuse of having angels around me is never gonna stop

Foto av Behnaz

Look up at the sun til your eyes bleed and feel good

Foto av Behnazs

For every day that passes a new petal of a rose will fall

Foto av Behnaz ''jag''

i saw an angel today

Black and grey

''Please don't leave me''

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